Kalamazoo First Presbyterian is a member of ISAAC, the largest faith-based organizing
group in Southwest Michigan, with over 20 member congregations and organizations
working together to build a more just community. With our own Watch Party,
First Presbyterian Church will gather as a group at the church on Saturday, March 16,
to view ISAAC’s upcoming “Virtual Fireside Chat” with Layla Saad, New York Times
Best Selling author of Me and My White Supremacy. The time will be announced. Layla Saad
is known as an anti-racism educator, international speaker, and podcast host on the topics
of race, identity, leadership, personal transformation, and social change. The book challenges
you to do the essential work of unpacking your biases and helps white people take action
and dismantle the privilege within themselves. Layla Saad will join the Kalamazoo community
in a Facebook Live and YouTube Live event the afternoon of March 16, in a Virtual
Fireside Chat with Elder Doug King, ISAAC President.
If you are interested in books and guided journals, contact Wendy King or Kathy Jennings.

Wendy at 269.998.6472 or jeffwendyking@gmail.com
Kathy at 269.366.9001 or ekathleen28@gmail.com
Learn about Layla here: http://laylafsaad.com/about