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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my pledge needed?

Finalizing the annual budget requires the Session to forecast church revenues and identify ministry and mission needs. Church members’ pledges are essential in guiding the Session in making these plans because pledges need to provide about 3/4 of the church’s income.

How much should I pledge?

Through prayer, let the Holy Spirit guide you in your giving. We encourage people to pledge a percentage of their income as they are able. Our annual pledges range from $52 to over $20,000. Not everyone can pledge as much as they would like. If you can do a little more, it helps those who need support in this season.

I give electronically through my bank. Should I fill out a pledge card?

Yes. Pledge cards are used to forecast church revenues and identify ministry and mission needs. Both steps need to take place.

Is my pledge a binding contract?

No. Filling out your pledge card is an estimate of giving made in good faith. Your pledge is a statement of intent, not a contract.

Should I pledge even if I can't specify an amount?

Yes. Pledge cards not only assure the congregation’s leadership of future finances but also of the support from, and partnership within, the church family.

Who will know what I give?

Only the church’s financial coordinator has access to these records. Your privacy is maintained.