The following motions were adopted by Session on March 27, 2024:
A motion to approve the baptism of Hattie Mary Tyler on April 14, 2024 and the baptisms of
Sehpineh Pegheleh, Bessierose Mohseh Pezuneke Pegheleh, and King Fohzoh Pegheleh on
August 4, 2024.

A motion to move the date of communion from August 4, 2024 to August 11, 2024.

A motion to reactivate the membership of Sandy Sinotte.

A motion to approve a Financial Appeal from the Young Adult/Youth Mission to sell
slushies/popcorn/cotton candy and water outside the front of the church during the June
Art Fair and to charge for parking in the church lot during the event, all for the purpose of
funding the Summer 2024 mission trip

A motion to approve another Financial Appeal for the Young Adult/Youth Mission
for the same activity above in order to hold a Karaoke/Cabaret Night w/Coffee-house style
atmosphere (singing, snacks, etc.).

A motion to approve a revision to the wording and use of the Elaine Kuney Fund.

A motion to approve a contribution up to $1000 from the Ford/Neff Fund for the support
of seminary student Emmanuel Eliot Amedzi, with the possibility of further funding for
the next 2 years. Emmanuel is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Sokode
Bagble, Ghana.