The following motions were adopted by Session on
September 27, 2023

A motion to accept Sarah Cox, Dean and Kim VanLoo, Peterson Munene Gerald, Rosingh Amofa-Aoarkwa, Jim and Sharon Gleeson, and Robert and Joanne DeWit into membership of First Presbyterian Church Kalamazoo.

A motion to reactivate Jonathan Patrick Ferrando’s membership and approve membership transfer to First Presbyterian Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Approval of disbursements from the Elaine Kuney Fund for Travel expenses not exceeding $500.00 total for Cerica Finjap and Meredith Alspach to attend a conference at Princeton Theological Seminary, and of $391.68 for sage green and burgundy tablecloths.

Approval of a disbursement of $5000 from The Ford Neff Fund to The Recovery Institute.

Approval of a disbursement of $1500 from The Ford Neff Fund for the youth to purchase emergency survival blankets and give them to the homeless.

Approval of a disbursement of $5500 (plus a suggested $1000 contingency) from the Capital Fund to update the obsolete remote door locks at the South Street and Lovell Street entrances.

Approval of a disbursement of $7000 (plus an additional $1000 to cover contingencies) from the Capital Fund to replace the condensate tank for the boiler.

A motion to authorize “extended communion” at the homes of those unable to attend church to be administered by Deacons and Elders in consultation with the pastoral staff.

A motion to set November 19, 2023 as the date for the Congregational Annual Election Meeting.