Hope Garden Summary 2022
“Preach the gospel always, if necessary, use words.”

Volunteers:  Thirteen Volunteers contributed over 650 hours to Hope Garden, which is the
equivalent of over 80 days or 16 weeks of full-time effort.

Thank You, Volunteers!


  1. Harvested and processed 5050 pounds of vegetables that were delivered above to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes and subsequently redistributed via their network to local pantries. An additional estimated 250 pounds of damaged produce was used by Chubby Goat Acres, a farm animal rescue farm.
    Planted one raised bed with garlic bulbs for harvest in 2023.
    Two honeybee hives produced over four gallons of raw honey. Several jars will be available for sale at the Christmas Bazaar to benefit Celebrate the Vision.
    Stained shed with wood preservative/sealer/stain. Required 6 gallons plus of exterior wood finish.
    Put the garden to bed with anticipation of another great year in 2023.
    We also enjoyed our time together, including the conversation and morning coffee break and knowing that we were being good neighbors in our community.


To do: Rest from our labors, look forward to reviewing the new seed catalogs, and plan
for Hope Garden in 2023.