Carrie Newcomer is a songwriter, recording artist, performer, educator and activist. She has facilitated retreats internationally on the topics of songwriting, creative writing, spirituality and personal growth, art and activism in educational settings, spiritual communities and conferences, community and arts organizations. She co-hosts “The Growing Edge
Podcast” and has led “The Growing Edge Retreats” with author Parker J. Palmer. Carrie is a Grammy acknowledged songwriter, Emmy awarded performer and poet, she has 19 nationally released albums and three books of poetry. She has been called “a prairie mystic” by The Boston Globe, “asks all the right questions” by The Rolling Stone. She has appeared on “On Being,” PBS Religion and Ethics, and recently received The Shalem Institute’s Contemplative Voices Award.

In recent years Carrie joined with author Parker J. Palmer on several projects, including The Growing Edge collaboration which explores growing edges, personally, vocationally and politically. Spirituality and Health Magazine, named Parker and Carrie in the top ten
spiritual leaders for the next 20 years. She lives in the wooded hills of South Central Indiana with her husband and two shaggy rescue dogs.

Appearing: 3.11.2023 and 3.12.2023