After dinner in a gorgeous round building last night and restful sleep, another beautiful morning in the mountains – cool and clear with roosters crowing and cows mooing to wake us. Then twelve miles, at first a long downhill, then mostly more flat along a river, ending with a little more up and down … reaching the town of Samos, with our Hospederia just outside the walls of a very old monastery. We’ve walked through lovely lanes and tiny villages and past an 800+ year old chestnut tree – definitely a sense that people have been doing this sojourn of life here for long before we arrived to pass through. Different parts of our feet / legs / body feeling the largely downward slope today! Now we’ve tasted a little of most things we’ll encounter, except urban areas and not much rain … but that is in the forecast each day for the remainder of our pilgrimage. We’ll see what that really means here in Spain and how much it changes (hopefully)! Buen Camino!

Questions posed to ponder today:
Are you feeling fully present on pilgrimage and sharing yourself with others? What keeps you from relating with others in love as you may like? What boundaries help?