Mapping our Future

“Mapping Our Future” began as a strategic visioning process — in November, 2022.
In December, 2022 and January, 2023, we hosted a dozen gatherings at various times
and locations to celebrate our life together. We shared stories about meaningful
experiences past, we imagined possibilities for the future. More than assessing and
addressing “weaknesses”, our goal has been to build on strengths we already exhibit
that define who we are and how we serve together. At the conclusion of these open
gatherings, we collated the information received and began discerning themes/
areas that seemed to naturally coalesce. A summary of the work to that point was
presented to Session in Spring, 2023.

Session affirmed four thematic areas to pursue in the near future to nurture our
congregational vitality and engagement — welcoming, communication, building
relationship, and outreach. Elders on Session divided into working groups around
the four goal areas and worked throughout Summer, 2023 to clarify objectives and
measurable outcomes in each of the goal areas. After consideration and edits in
early Autumn, 2023, Session approved the Strategic Vision at the meeting on
September 27, 2023.

As we work to implement the life we desire and vision we have discerned,
we encourage every committee and group in our congregation to consider how we

can enhance how we welcome, communicate, build relationships, and reach out
in service to others — within our congregation and throughout our community.
We seek a witness of living faith. Thereby, specific ideas for how we embody this
strategic vision will inherently change and grow as we engage with our ever-changing
personal lives and society.

Please note: This strategic vision does not intend to encapsulate every aspect of
our life and service together. There remain many other crucial responsibilities and vital ways
friends among us give of their hearts and resources in our shared witness.
May we continue to give thanks and celebrate the many activities, committees, and personal
efforts — often unknown and unsung — that enable us to spread good news of God’s Love in
Jesus Christ for all people. That’s what we all want to feel and to offer in some way.
May that grace pulse in the core of our being and radiate, to every corner of our community
as we continue striving to serve as a Sanctuary in the City! In our city and far beyond,
may we seek true sanctuary that is all people and creation flourishing in the fullness of peace!
To God be all glory, now and forever!

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