By now, you should all have received the September issue of the Presbyter. This will be the last
print edition. After much discussion, we have decided to transition the Presbyter from a printed
publication into a digital blog format. Most churches have done away with physically printed
newsletters due to cost, time, effort, environmental impact, and relevancy. Most of the information from the Presbyter is already included either on social media or in the bulletin. The Birthday
Calendar will be listed monthly on the blog, and weekly in the bulletin. The blog can feature
full-color pictures, videos, links, and sound. The blog will be a stream of what is happening at and around the church in much more detail than a printed version ever could. The blog will be updated
as articles are received. The blog is located on the church website. The weekly announcements and bulletin will include a link to the blog. Any information previously supplyied for the Presbyter will now be presented in digital form. There is no deadline, and you can submit articles to Kelly at
any time!

To view the blog, visit

If you would still like a printed digest of the blog, (formerly the Presbyter), mailed to you monthly, please get in touch with Kelly at or call 269-344-0119 x.209.
Please provide a current mailing address.