Pastor Seth is ready to move forward with plans for a pilgrimage journey along El Camino
de Santiago
in Spain. It will likely be about a ten- or eleven – day experience, including eight
or nine days walking. We’ll try to average 10–12 miles per day over hilly terrain.
We’ll seek the presence of God and inspiration for our path of life as we saunter in the footsteps of so many pilgrims across many centuries, and open our hearts to one another and others we meet on the way. Others in times past have powerfully found how these spiritual
experiences foster peace and renewed purpose, and forge relationships deeply bonded
in love.

Dates for the journey will be somewhere between Labor Day weekend (end of August)
and the end of September, depending on participant availability and flight / housing
arrangements. A rough estimate of cost would be $2500-3000, depending highly on the
volatility of pricing for airline tickets.

If you would like to join this pilgrim journey, please contact Pastor Seth by Sunday, Nov.6.

Buen Camino¡